Unique Selections

Earlywine Cellar prides itself on providing a wide selection of unique mid-to-high shelf wines and spirits to cater to everyone looking to try something new. Whatever your preferences may be, our goal is to provide a new and changed experience to our clientele. Whether you are in store for a private dinner party, a first date, or a casual event with friends and family, we can share information and help you choose a spirit to represent your personality and etiquette.


We educate our customers on everything from varietal and region to how to drink specific wines properly. For example, swirling is not only used to look pretentious. When you remove the cork or top a chemical reaction occurs when the wine remixes with the air. If you drink wine that was poured straight from a bottle, you will most likely only taste a bitter alcohol flavor. If you swirl your air you are letting the wine breathe. Remember... it’s been bottled up without air! Once your wine has had proper air you will take the fruit and flavors of the wine.


When recommending a suitable spirit, we engage in a process to ease wine buying. Starting with sweet or dry, red or white, and what best fits the budget. This process helps us hone down to specific bottles guaranteeing the customers satisfaction. If a customer is new to wine or spirits, we are not going to suggest any expensive bottle. Our customers are comfortable with the process of the experience and not part of a sale. This process allows the customer to learn new information about their products and assist in developing a taste they like.